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The History Witch Walking Tours

walking tours of Salem, MA

Go beyond the fact that 19 people were hanged as witches in 1692.

Dare to ask why

 Join me for a tour unlike any other. Each tour is tailored to the group's questions and interests. Together we will discuss the passions, fears, and greed that drove 19 innocent people to the gallows, marked the psyche of the people of Salem for all time and changed the course of the American legal system.

I lead each tour personally. I am a resident of Salem, as well as a teacher with a Masters degree in education and a background in museum education. Don't settle for scripted tours. Come and experience an adventure that we build together.

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Jean, Brookline

Totally enjoyed A Feminist View of 1692!! I was late for a few minutes but Stacey was super nice and warm and waited for me. She has a great way of telling stories ... I'm so glad I booked this tour!


Jenn, North Andover

The History Witch walking tour was so fun and super informative! Our tour had to be the highlight of our visit to Salem. Stacey has great energy and is so knowledgeable!


L. LeBonnemer, Maine

New and fresh information from a very knowledgeable guide of Historic Salem especially the witch trial history. I have taken numerous tours of Historic Salem and this was exceptional!!!



Photography by Dave Browning,

You can also contact me for private tours to fit your schedule.

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